Our Statement

Fellow Travelers Blog was founded on the guiding principle that a better world is possible, one in which people all over the world no longer have to live in fear and misery as a result of war and inequity. Foreign policy and domestic policy are inescapably intertwined, especially when it comes to policing. 

When it comes to policing, not only do Americans go abroad to learn repressive tactics from nations like Israel, we export police violence all over the world. The militarization of American police departments after the illegal invasion of Iraq means that millions of people are terrorized at home and abroad through military spending. And American policing grew out of one of the earliest projects of American imperialism: slavery. The murder of George Floyd is just one example of countless evil acts in four hundred years of terror against Black people in America. 

We must defund the police and build structures that actually protect people from racism, capitalist exploitation, and all the forces that threaten Black lives. 

Alex Vitale’s The End of Policing is available free in ebook form from Verso. 

There are 60+ community bail funds and groups aiding activists that can be donated to here


2 thoughts on “Our Statement

  1. The issues of lesser evilism and Democrats as the left hand of the #duopoly go beyond presidential elections, to the Supreme Court, and directly to George Floyd and #BlackLivesMatter. Most the “librulz” on the Supreme Court support the idea of “qualified immunity” that lets cops literally get away with murder as much as conservative justices support it. https://socraticgadfly.blogspot.com/2020/06/george-floyd-scotus-and-wall-street.html


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